Traveling Taelor

Taelor expands her knowledge in the library, where she spend a lot of her time.

Tealors full INTERVIEW about her time spent outside the country, I know its way too long, But she had some very interesting things to say.

Taelors amazing story about her life of travel!


Taelor Nielsen, 19 years old.

Taelor is an International Studies and Arabic major at the University of Wyoming, with amazing plans for the future. She truly is someone that sees the beauty in life and exploration.

Being used to using different technology in the past, recording and editing this podcast wound up being difficult. I wish I would have gave myself more time, and realized how much of a learning curve it takes to change software. It has been a good 4 years since I have messed with audio, and it was refreshing to get to do it again.

I have learned just how quickly you loose the skills of working with audio. To be honest, I went into this assignment A little cocky, Because I used to have my own Morning Radio show every day and make 5 PSA’s a week. I used to have to get a interview piece ready for the Radio once a week as well. However, that was four years ago, and I haven’t had any practice since. I was lost and frustrated, Because It wasn’t as easy as it used to be. I was also supersized how fast 5 minuets can go by! when I was doing the interview, I wasn’t paying attention to time, but I had a feeling that I wasn’t even going to make it to 5 minutes, and it wound up being 12. This assignment both humbled me, and taught me a ton!

If I were to get a second chance, I would defiantly Interview Taelor again, I think she was an interesting person to interview, however, I wish I would have thought about it, and prepared more before I did the interview.

When I graduated with my Radio Broadcasting Associates, My thoughts were that I had to work for a radio station. Though I loved being on the radio, Making PSA’s, Liners, and having my own morning show, I decided that I would branch out and do something else. Since taking this class I realized all of the job opportunity’s that could go into audio. Making podcasts to put on a web page of students talking about their experience at their university, would be great help in my hopefully future job in recruitment. This assignment taught me that audio isn’t just for radio.


Espresso yourself at the stem building!

Bagels, coffee, and sandwiches will now be available in the stem building!

The second “Einstein Bros” in the state of Wyoming coming to Laramie! The first Einstein bros, is at the top of the state in Powell Wyoming. The Einstein bros was scheduled to open on march first, but still has not opened due to getting behind schedule. The bagel and coffee shop will be located in the Michael B. Enzi STEM Facility. The building is the new chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics and computer science building on the University of Wyoming campus. The building was built in 2016, and they already are updating the building with adding a coffee bagel shop in the main lobby.

The Coffee shop will be located in an area with a lot of student foot traffic, as well as a location where students study, Koalten Hatfield, student worker at the front desk of the stem building talks about how hes stoked for it to open. he stats ” A coffee and bagel place is being built right by my work, of course i’m exited.” He goes on to talk about how he was asked to fill out a survey on what area of the lobby they should put the coffee shop. he says ” they were thinking about putting it on the other side of the lobby, but i’m glad they put it over there, it makes a lot more sense.

Tyler Tashima, Sociology major, says that hes going to at least try the Einstein bros out once. he goes on to say ” I’ve ate at one before, and I remember it being good, If I really like it, I could see me getting a bagel before my class I have in the Ag building once a week.”

Cassie Heikkila, criminal justice major, expresses that she might try it, but its kind of out of the way. she says ” I’m pretty loyal to elements, and plus i’m rarely in the stem building, so I don’t think ill ever get coffee there.

The coffee shop is being built on the new upcoming side of the university. Right next to the stem building is the new engineering building, that is almost done with construction, and on the other side of the Stem building will be the new science initiative building in the future. The University Of Wyoming is growing fast and the new Einstein Bros is just a small stepping stone for the future of the university.

Studying Hard

Civil Engineer Major Chris finds doing his homework in the Wyoming Union late at night to be one of the more relaxing places on campus due to the lack of people.

Getting her sweat on!

Zenaida Huretta running on the treadmill closest to the wall, is trying to get back in shape, as she hopes to compete in some 5 ks this spring. She finds half acre to be a great place to work out as its free for her since shes a student, as well as convenient.

Whiskey slapped!

The whiskey slaps played an amazing show last Thursday in the gardens on the UW campus. the crowed loved their performance. They played a mixture of country, progressive rock, and bluegrass. their are shows every Thursday night in the gardens for Studio Wyo.

Takes two to Tango

The square dance RSO learning some new moves last Tuesday night. This group meets every Tuesday at around 6 to practice new dance moves.

Chill zone!

People gathering around a fire to enjoy company and beer, at the annual poker run event held up in centennial. These crazy cooks dress up in costumes and hike or ski down the centennial mountain together wile stopping at fires to drink beer and have a good time.

This assignment was very hard, as many people do not like their photos being taken, I also found it hard to get the confidence to walk up and take peoples photos. I think this assignment would have been easier if I had a professional camera, because then people might have taken me more seriously.

Creative Devices Through Photography

“Through the table top”

The first photograph “Through the table top” was taken at the University of Wyoming’s Conservatory. The photo uses symmetry and patterns first and foremost. Because I took the snapshot near to the table the swirls in the counter are highlighted. It’s much more pleasing than if it was a meek wide shot of the table. It is pleasing to look at the designs on the table, but after you see that, you notice the white chair below as well at the green plant. The photo also has color and depth of field in its creative devices.

“The Color Condo”

This photo with enjoyable hue and obscurities was taken on the north side of Laramie in a nice neighborhood by the High School. The Photograph was intended to use the creative device of color, as the different colors in each of the buildings balance together well. The photo also uses the rule of thirds device, as the bottom of the photo is where all the action is at.

“Vandal Park”

“Vandal Park” was taken at the skate park north of town. the creative device envisioned for this photo was depth of field, as the first thing you see is the up-close graffiti barrier followed by the park behind it. This photo also used color, framing and leading lines. The color works well, as the wall is vibrant while the park is not. Leading lines is shown by the shadows, sidewalk and graffiti.

“Succulent Central”

Succulent Central was intended to show Framing as the vase that the plant is in clearly borders the plant in the photo, though this picture has most every other creative device in it. This photo has color with the rocks, leading lines with the chicken wire counter and depth of field as first you see the flower, then the rocks followed by the table.

“Alluring Aurora”

“Alluring Aurora” was taken outside of my bedroom window one morning before class. This photo shows rule of thirds as the trees take up the bottom and right parts of the photo and the sky takes up the rest. Color is another device that this picture uses as the sunrise is full of it.

This class assignment was very enjoyable, and I was rather surprised by how hard it was. Taking a pleasant photo is a lot harder than one would think. I was also amazed by how much fun I had doing this project and how much I learned by doing so. I wish I would have prepared more when shooting my photos. I kind of just took photos whenever I saw something that looked interesting through out the week, but I wish I would have set hours and hours of time to just taking photos.


Not only is this probably the coolest photo I will ever have taken in my life, but its also the cover of local band “Franklin Good Boys” new album titled “OOPS”
check them out on YouTube!

This photo was taken up by rogers canyon, and if you don’t know where that’s at just get on 9th street and head north. If you haven’t been to rogers canyon you should give it a try, its one of the easiest places to hike around Laramie. There are limestone rock formations, beautiful pines and a spot where people dump their trash and shoot at it for target practice. I’m serious about this, there is a hill covered in shot up trash, which i’m not saying you shouldn’t shoot your old box TV, but maybe don’t leave it there. However I have no room to talk…..

I have no room to talk because I set a car on fire down there to try and impress a girl(see picture above). Now let me explain, the car was totaled by her ex boyfriend. She didn’t want to pay to get it towed, so I suggested that we set it on fire. Now for the record for some reason I didn’t see a problem with this idea, considering the trash that was already there. I drove her down to her totaled car and poured gas all over the car and threw a match on it (I felt like I was in an action movie). Now I did get a 200 dollar littering ticket, but for setting a car on fire that’s honestly not a bad deal. I ended up dating the girl for a few months after that, and I don’t think i will ever have a cooler first date.

Now to recap, you should totally check out rogers canyon if your looking for a nice easy hike that is not a long drive away from Laramie. You should also check out Franklin good boy on you tube or a local show as they are one of my favorite local bands. And lastly people care if you set a car on fire, even if the owner permits it.