This Blog is everything Laramie! Discover Laramie’s hottest bands, outdoor recreation, hidden gems and so much more! I have only lived in Laramie for 3 years, but during those three years, I have learned a lot about Laramie and its hidden gems! To start off, I am finishing up my degree in Communications at UW. One of my favorite things to do is just walk and explore, so that is how i will be finding all of the hidden gems that Laramie has to offer. My job is setting up and tearing down for events at the university. Now even though all I do at work is move tables, chairs, set up stages, etc. Working my job makes it really easy to know about all of the good events. Lastly, I love the outdoors and have enough cool friends that have shown me, what I believe to be the best hiking spots around Laramie. Now I am sure most people reading this might assume they know the spots, but if you haven’t heard of sand creek, then forget everything you know and follow my blog. I hope you enjoy my posts about Local artists, the outdoors and all the hidden gems that could make Laramie an even cooler place to live during your stay here.

Welcome to my blog about laradise!

Which by the way, I know everyone calls this town “laradise”, but don’t you think that “laradise” sounds like some disease you don’t want to catch?