Espresso yourself at the stem building!

Bagels, coffee, and sandwiches will now be available in the stem building!

The second “Einstein Bros” in the state of Wyoming coming to Laramie! The first Einstein bros, is at the top of the state in Powell Wyoming. The Einstein bros was scheduled to open on march first, but still has not opened due to getting behind schedule. The bagel and coffee shop will be located in the Michael B. Enzi STEM Facility. The building is the new chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics and computer science building on the University of Wyoming campus. The building was built in 2016, and they already are updating the building with adding a coffee bagel shop in the main lobby.

The Coffee shop will be located in an area with a lot of student foot traffic, as well as a location where students study, Koalten Hatfield, student worker at the front desk of the stem building talks about how hes stoked for it to open. he stats ” A coffee and bagel place is being built right by my work, of course i’m exited.” He goes on to talk about how he was asked to fill out a survey on what area of the lobby they should put the coffee shop. he says ” they were thinking about putting it on the other side of the lobby, but i’m glad they put it over there, it makes a lot more sense.

Tyler Tashima, Sociology major, says that hes going to at least try the Einstein bros out once. he goes on to say ” I’ve ate at one before, and I remember it being good, If I really like it, I could see me getting a bagel before my class I have in the Ag building once a week.”

Cassie Heikkila, criminal justice major, expresses that she might try it, but its kind of out of the way. she says ” I’m pretty loyal to elements, and plus i’m rarely in the stem building, so I don’t think ill ever get coffee there.

The coffee shop is being built on the new upcoming side of the university. Right next to the stem building is the new engineering building, that is almost done with construction, and on the other side of the Stem building will be the new science initiative building in the future. The University Of Wyoming is growing fast and the new Einstein Bros is just a small stepping stone for the future of the university.


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