Not only is this probably the coolest photo I will ever have taken in my life, but its also the cover of local band “Franklin Good Boys” new album titled “OOPS”
check them out on YouTube!


This photo was taken up by rogers canyon, and if you don’t know where that’s at just get on 9th street and head north. If you haven’t been to rogers canyon you should give it a try, its one of the easiest places to hike around Laramie. There are limestone rock formations, beautiful pines and a spot where people dump their trash and shoot at it for target practice. I’m serious about this, there is a hill covered in shot up trash, which i’m not saying you shouldn’t shoot your old box TV, but maybe don’t leave it there. However I have no room to talk…..

I have no room to talk because I set a car on fire down there to try and impress a girl(see picture above). Now let me explain, the car was totaled by her ex boyfriend. She didn’t want to pay to get it towed, so I suggested that we set it on fire. Now for the record for some reason I didn’t see a problem with this idea, considering the trash that was already there. I drove her down to her totaled car and poured gas all over the car and threw a match on it (I felt like I was in an action movie). Now I did get a 200 dollar littering ticket, but for setting a car on fire that’s honestly not a bad deal. I ended up dating the girl for a few months after that, and I don’t think i will ever have a cooler first date.

Now to recap, you should totally check out rogers canyon if your looking for a nice easy hike that is not a long drive away from Laramie. You should also check out Franklin good boy on you tube or a local show as they are one of my favorite local bands. And lastly people care if you set a car on fire, even if the owner permits it.


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